Offshore Oil Drilling

Oil companies keep trying to suck the life out of coastal communities

By Matt Walker

A little known fact: Corey Haim's last words were: "Please -- please -- stop offshore drilling." Okay, that's a lie. They were probably something like, "Just one more blue one; I never had any trouble with the blue ones." But it doesn't matter because -- as cute and cuddly as he was in Lucas and the Lost Boys -- addicts will say anything to get their next fix. Just like our petroleum companies, their lobbies and other political cronies.

"New rigs don't spill!" Really, have you talked to Australia recently? And have you seen the government's own stats after Katrina and Rita?

"We bring states jobs and money!" But how many do lose if a disaster occurs -- or risk losing from other uses? And how many long-term opportunities disappear each day we fail to compete in new, green technologies?

"We want the US to be energy independent!" Then why do we export more oil overseas than ever before? And why did the petroleum industry spend the past fifty years fighting mileage standards and other conservation efforts?

You can get the whole range of facts in numbered, official form but, at this point, we're done trying to convince people. With the Department of Interior making its recommendations in the next couple weeks, California in danger of putting fresh rigs within 3 miles, Florida actively deliberating legislation, NC 's energy subcommittee chucking around ideas -- with some type of debate occurring in every coastal state -- the time for thinking is done; the time has come to act.

If you don't believe in drilling , let your local, state and federal legislators know how you feel -- RIGHT NOW while they're considering the topic.

If you're not sure, research the issue from both sides. Listen to the March 10 debate here between Florida's pro-and-con interests. Maybe even attend a Surfrider meeting -- or one of the California community info rallies below.

And if you're already completely convinced expanding petroleum exploration in offshore is a good idea, ask yourself why you feel that way?

Did you make that decision yourself based on both sides' arguments? Or did you buy into the lies and false promises the world's biggest energy addicts? Addicts, who will say and do will do anything to feed their own appetites until their supply is cut-off -- or the last drop is gone.

And, unlike Haim, when the party's over, Big Oil still walks away with pockets full of cash -- it's the coastal economies and environments who curl up dead and broke in a corner, empty spikes broken offshore, leaving the rest of the world wondering: why did we ever enable them?


March 17, 2010 Wednesday. 7-8pm

Santa Monica Library–Fairview Branch

2101 Ocean Park Blvd,

Santa Monica, CA 9040


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April 19 – Monterey

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