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Interview by Taylor Paul

"It started because I wanted to document — oh shit hold on…" The phone goes silent and I just hear road noises. Dane Reynolds is driving to go surfing and along the way he's going to tell me about his new film, Loaded, which premieres February 1 at the Ventura Theater. But still, just road noises. A few moments later he's back. "Hello?" Yes, I'm here. "Sorry, there was a police officer. Anyway…"

Dane Reynolds: …Loaded started because I wanted to document the Slow Dance premiere tour and I was doing those trips with Taylor [Knox, for SURFING Magazine’s November Issue]; I was going to use those trips as the base to build a video of just totally random shit, but it's kinda turned into something else with other surf trips and people woven in.

Where'd you go? Who's in it?

We went to Macaronis, France, Salina Cruz a couple of times, Hawaii and a little bit of California stuff. And it's me, Taylor, Craig [Anderson], Nat Young, Andrew Doheny and Noa Deane. In the beginning I wanted to do individual sections of people but I wasn't able to film with other people as much so it just turned being more session based.

Does Noa have a big part in it?

Yeah, Noa has some really good surfing in it. He's got a unique style — it's almost a mix between Andrew Doheny and John John, if that makes sense. I think he's doing some of the best airs out there right now, but he also has really good form and technique. And he's just a rad kid to be around.

How long is it?

Twenty minutes. It kinda follows the structure of my Marine Layer webisodes in that it's more session oriented with a lot of waves being ridden instead of everything being chopped down to the best maneuvers. More loosely edited.

Was it nice to be able to step away from the structure of Slow Dance and all the pressures that came along with that and just do something on your own terms?

For sure. It's a lot more freeform and basically I could just finish it whenever I wanted. I'd wanted to finish it in October, but it wasn't until Hawaii that it all started coming together.

When's the premiere?

It's February 1 at the Ventura Theater. And we're doing a contest on Instagram right now to give away my Volvo at the premiere. I'm having people hashtag "#gimmedatcardane" and take a photo of their drivers liscence. The idea is to find the kid that's the most sunburned, surfed out, neck tan or whatever and give it to him [check out the hashtag, it had nearly 200 entries when this went live]. It's going to be fun. I'm usually pretty scared to show people big stuff like this, but I'm pretty amped on it, I think it turned out pretty loose and rad.

See Loaded at the Ventura Theater on February 1, then watch it again at on February 2. Anyone else excited?