The Scoop: Hurley Pro Expression Session Auction

How much would you pay to surf this with four other people? The question is no longer hypothetical. Photo: Jimmicane
How much would you pay to surf Lowers with five other guys out? This question is no longer hypothetical. Photo: Jimmicane

SURFING Magazine's Scoop

You've probably heard people mutter the same mantra at the sight of nearly every world tour stop from Pipe to Snappers to Cloudbreak to Lowers: "God, how sick would it be to have this place to yourself?" OK, maybe not for Rio, but the answer at almost any one of those breaks is, undeniably, yes. It would be sick.

But would you pay for that chance? If so, Hurley's calling your bluff this year at Lowers. They are auctioning off five spots for the 30-minute expression session going down between the semis and the finals. Which means, it could very well be firing. The money goes to charity, though, so you'd not only get to surf one of the most rippable waves on Earth, with only five guys out, but you'd be racking up some karma points, too.

To enter, it's just like a silent auction. The starting bid is $1000 and all the money goes to the San Onofre Foundation. Bidding begins Monday, August 26 and runs through Wednesday, September 4. Hurley actually automatically put Rob Machado in -- paid their thousand bucks -- and he's the one seeded guy, while the other five slots are open, it being a six-man heat. But it's a completely open field and absolutely anyone can bid.

But just how much would someone pay to surf uncrowded Lowers? Mind you, it will be on live webcast with millions of people watching. Whatever that figure might be, hopeful bidders better work the kinks out of their frontside wraps. --Beau Flemister

You can place your bid here or text the word “Hurley” to 52182.