The SURFING Factory Is Going To Western Australia

_CW09000Noa Deane, North Point. Photo: Corey Wilson

Remember that project we did in Bali last year called The Factory?

The one where we hung out in Bali with seven surfers and gave you up-to-the-minute content on our site and social? Banger clips, photos, interviews and hammers every day for, like, 3 weeks straight? Plus, a whole issue at the end of it with the stories and photos we'd been top-shelving for the lovers of print? Double-plus, a whole movie of the project at the end it.

Well, yeah, we're doing it again. This time from Western Australia, surfing all those meaty, rampy, throaty waves the CT guys should be competing at. And, like, next week. Same barrage of live-content, new crew, new fun.

Starting later today, we’ll be announcing the the names of the surfers we’re bringing, one by one, day by day. With a total of seven guys, that’ll take us to next Wednesday. By Thursday, we’ll be in West Oz and the content will start flooding in.

Get ready for it. The assembly line's been…assembled, and swell's on the way. We promise we won't surf that burger named Margaret.