The WSL Just Donated $1.5M To Ocean Research

EmptyWaves_tahiti2014_brentbielmann0161 copyPhoto: Brent Bielmann

Everybody loves to make fun of the WSL. Mostly because it’s fun. And easy.

But, deep down, we all love the League (aside from the fact that they refer to themselves a league — see first paragraph). Over the years, the organization has given so much to the sport of surfing. And now, they’re giving a whole lot to the arenna in which surfing occurs.

Meet WSL Pure. You can get all the details by clicking that link, but I’ll take a moment to paraphrase if you’re tangled up in lethargy. WSL Pure is the organization’s “philanthropic arm dedicated to giving back to the ocean.” Philanthropic arm might sounds like a giant, charitable penis to some (again, see first paragraph) but the mission proves otherwise.

“By creating a generation of “surfer scientists,” we aspire to create a voice for the oceans and to inspire and empower our global fan base and partners to become better informed about the issues plaguing the oceans, while providing educational opportunities so that we can become an important part of real-world solutions,” said WSL CEO Paul Speaker.

The philanthropic arm partnered up with Columbia University and came out of the gates with a $1.5M endowment. We’re certain that more details will be disclosed on the upcoming Drug Aware Margaret River Pro webcast. Wonder what Strider will have to say about it.