There’s an App for That?


Vans Triple Crown gets in your pants

The Vans Triple Crown is big. The money is big ($1 million), the waves are big (Sunset is triple overhead for the O'Neill World Cup right now), and the consequences are big (ask Tanner Gudauskas, who's fighting as we speak for a spot on next year's World Tour).

Big -- but now it fits in your pants pocket. How? The Vans 3X Surf application for the Apple iPhone.

Now, we aren't plugging anything -- except plugging in our iPhones, so we can download this phenomenal app! OMG, it's like, the coolest ever. No...the Tetris game app is pretty cool. But Tetris costs $5, so the Vans 3X Surf app (at $0.99) is a relative steal. It lets you watch the live webcast (sideways, on the full screen), check results from every round and event, get the North Shore surf report, watch recap videos, and it goes really well with any pair of Vans shoes, or any piece from the Vans head-to-toe clothing line.

The app is probably easier to use than the Triple Crown website itself, actually. It's that simple, which is surprising, because a lot of apps are a nightmare to navigate. The Vans 3X Surf interface is brilliantly clean. Even people like us who are dumb enough to pay $100/month for iPhone service can figure this app out.

With Sunset going off and careers on the line, today is a great day to get it for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Definitely download it before Pipe starts, which is only 5 days away.