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SURFING Magazine Snapcode

Surfing Magazine has always had a Snapchat, but like a waterbed in a nunnery, it hasn't been used to its full potential.

Snapchat is the shit. It's quirkier than Instagram, faster than Facebook, and sometimes you get to see boobies. That's why Surfing Magazine has decided to go full-force on your favorite social site.

We're taking the crème de la crème of our Instagram accounts (@surfingmagazine and @theroadsoda), our website, our photos and videos, and even our magazine and compiling it into bite-sized portions for you to digest on the Snap. On top of our standard content, we want to deliver behind-the-scenes matters, whether it's competitor's area drama, late-night antics, or Babe-Ruthing dildos with a baseball bat, right to your phone. Because Surfing Magazine has personality, and we think it's time to let it fly.

If you haven't already, add our Snap channel, and let the fun begin!*

*Waterbeds not included.