This is Evan Valiere

Evan Valiere. PHOTO: Flindt

Evan Valiere. PHOTO: Flindt

North Shore Underground

Name: Evan Valiere
Age: 26
Hometown: North Shore, Kaua?i
Homebreak: Righthand pointbreak
Sponsors: Tamba Surf Company, In4mation, Kicker Audio

Would you say you're a professional surfer? Well, I make money in the events I compete in, but overall it doesn’t support my financial needs. So in that case, yes and no

Favorite surfer: A.I.

Shaper(s): Brennen of Tamba Surfboards, Tokoro, Eric Arakawa, CI

Crew: Kamalei, Fuller, Steph, Barca, Roy, Aamion, Sion, Nate, Koby, Teva, Shane, The Pipeline Posse, The Wolfpak. All the boys back home

Favorite wave on the North Shore: Pipeline and a special outer reef spot

Jobs you've held: Busboy, yard service, other odds and ends jobs, Rent a Local (surf Lessons, stand-up paddle tours, snorkeling tours, guided hikes, island hosting, services, and acivities)

Jobs you hold now: All the Rent a Local services, and a surf school

Define "underground": Hardcore, psyched on what they do, creative, and good at it. Sometimes without the recognition they deserve

Five best underground Hawaiian surfers, in your opinion: Here are three sick underground surfers: Aaron Marvin, Davey Taylor, Teva Dexter

Three biggest accomplishments in surfing:
Getting a perfect 10 in the Hansen’s Pipeline Pro in 2002
Being awarded the Todd Chesser Memorial Award
Winning the Xcel Pro at Sunset

Three biggest goals in surfing:
Push my limits in big surf and be invited to the Eddie Aikau Invitational
Be creative with my technique and performance in all surf and create a mental video clip
Win a Triple Crown and Pipeline Masters title

If surfing paid no money, what would you do? Pull in some more. Keep doing the work I’m doing. Go to college. Maybe pursue some of my other ideas

How far did you go in school? High school diploma plus one year of interesting college courses

If you could travel to one place, where would you go? I like to surf in Hawaii, Indo, Australia, California and Tahiti. Outside of surfing I would like to visit the seven wonders of the world and some other great places in Central and South America.

If you could surf one contest, what would it be? The Pipeline Masters

Describe a popular misconception about Hawaii: I think people don?t understand or appreciate how spiritually powerful and connected the original people to live in Hawaii were in regards to one another and their surroundings

Team North Shore Underground 2010

  • Ola Eleogram
  • Sion Milosky
  • Mikey Bruneau
  • Markus Hickman
  • Hank Gaskell
  • Evan Valiere