This is Hank Gaskell

Hank Gaskell. PHOTO: Struntz

Hank Gaskell. PHOTO: Struntz

North Shore Underground

Name: Hank Gaskell
Age: 24
Hometown: Hana, Maui
Homebreak: Koki
Sponsors: Local, Dakine, Jen, Ono Farms

Would you say you're a professional surfer? Haha, yeah, I do some comps and still get paid a little, so I think so…

Favorite surfer: My buddy Zack rips and has epic style

Shaper(s): Wade Tokoro, Matt Kinoshita

Crew: All the Maui Boys

Favorite wave on the North Shore: Backyards is a mental right point, and it’s nice to escape the winter crowd

Jobs you've held: Construction

Jobs you hold now: Pro surfer?

Define "underground": When I think of an underground surfer, I think of well respected, well-rounded watermen who are not in the media spotlight

Five best underground Hawaiian surfers, in your opinion: Ola Eleogram, Dege O'Connell, Keli Everett, Makana Eleogram, Albee Layer

Three biggest accomplishments in surfing:
Getting a 10 at Backdoor in a heat against Slater, but still losing
Winning the Xcel Pro at Sunset in a final with three of my heroes -- Pancho, Shane Beschen and Myles Padaca
Pioneering one of the best waves in the world, and surfing it for nine hours in one day

Three biggest goals in surfing:
Keep having fun
Be a well rounded waterman
Be a good example and inspiration for future generations

If surfing paid no money, what would you do? Find a flexible job that allows me to surf when the waves are good and dive when it’s flat. Maybe a night job? I dunno…

How far did you go in school? Graduated class of 2003 from Hana High.

If you could travel to one place, where would you go? Fiji or New Zealand

If you could surf one contest, what would it be? Pipe Masters for sure

Describe a popular misconception about Hawaii: I don’t think a lot of people realize how Westernized we are. There are still very sovereign parts of Hawaii, but most of it has streetlights, with McDonald's on every corner

Team North Shore Underground 2010

  • Ola Eleogram
  • Sion Milosky
  • Mikey Bruneau
  • Markus Hickman
  • Hank Gaskell
  • Evan Valiere