This is Mikey Bruneau

Mike Bruneau. PHOTO: Flindt

Mike Bruneau. PHOTO: Flindt

North Shore Underground

Name: Mikey Bruneau
Age: 27
Hometown: Sunset Beach
Homebreak: Rocky Point and Pipeline
Sponsors: Well, as of right now I'm not getting paid by anyone, so no real sponsors. But I do still get free clothes from No Fear and Tim Carroll still makes me some really insane boards

Would you say you're a professional surfer? I’d say I was up until last December. When the checks stop coming in, it means you're not pro anymore. Right?

Favorite surfer: The guy with the best attitude, I guess. I really like to watch Jordy and Dane too. Blows me away the shit they do.

Shaper(s): Tim Carroll. Local shaper right here at Sunset Beach

Crew: Umm, wow, so many to name. I guess my Rocky's crew would be Flynn [Novak], Kalani [Robb], Ezra [Sitt]. You’ll find us out there most any day. Pipe has all the boys, which is epic 'cause that's a pretty damn big crew, so all the guys who aren't part of that crew stay in line

Favorite wave on the North Shore: Pipeline

Jobs you've held: I was a busboy then a waiter for about three years at Jameson's in Haleiwa. Surf instructor for the last year. I have my own surf school [Check out Mikey's school at]

Jobs you hold now: I am currently in lifeguard training school. And let me tell you, waaaay harder then I expected. Learning some cool shit though, and very humbling. They don't give a shit who you are or how big of waves you’ve surfed

Definition of "underground": Anyone who rips and charges really hard and is not really recognized by the mags and sponsors and all the mainstream. Lots and lots of underground rippers in Hawaii

Five best underground Hawaiian surfers, in your opinion: Jensen Hasset is one crazy mofo. Surfs big waves really well. Kawai Lindo, good friend of mine, just made semis at Sunset. Billy Kemper won Sunset out of nowhere, Nainoa Surratt was not underground as a kid, but kinda is now, and surfs amazing. Mike Dodd still rips harder than most

Three biggest accomplishments in surfing:
Pipeline Trials Champion 2005
2nd place Hansen's Pipeline Pro 2004
Getting blown out of a 10-footer at Pipe and Kai Garcia telling me guys will wait a lifetime to get a wave like that and still won't get one that good

Three biggest goals in surfing:
Win the Pipe Masters
Invite to the Eddie
Continue a surfing career for as long as possible, 'cause it has to be the best job in the world

If surfing paid no money, what would you do? Nothing different. Still try to surf every chance I get

If you could travel to one place, where would you go? For waves, I've never been to Tavarua, so that might be at the top. But no matter how many times I go, Indo and Tahiti are always dream trips. Snowboarding somewhere like Switzerland always sounded cool to me too

If you could surf one contest, what would it be? Pipe Masters or Eddie

Describe a popular misconception about Hawaii: Hmmm. If you're in the surfing world, what you hear is usually pretty damn true

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