This is Sion Milosky

Sion Milosky. PHOTO: Ryan Foley

Sion Milosky. PHOTO: Ryan Foley

North Shore Underground

Name: Sion Milosky
Age: 35
Hometown: Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii
Home break: PK's
Sponsors: Volcom, Oakley and Kona Red (a wellness drink)

Would you say you're a professional surfer? No, but I keep the dream alive by running a small business welding and building driveway gates

Favorite surfer: There are so many good surfers out there, but I really like cheering on my friends

Shaper(s): Bret Surfboards and I'm going to add some Stretch boards to my quiver this year

Crew: The crew runs deep. We've got a lot guys covering a lot of places. Too many to name

Favorite wave on the North Shore: That's easy, Pipeline

Jobs you've held: I'll put them in order, ready? Dishwasher, cook, pizza delivery, bus boy, window screen repair, carpenter, commercial fisherman, boat repair, auto repair, waiter, bartender, welding & fabrication, gate builder

Jobs you hold now: I run a small business (Custom Gates Hawaii), do some property management, surf Pipeline and charge big waves

Define "underground": Underground is the guy whose photos are run in magazines labeled "Unidentified"

Five best underground Hawaiian surfers, in your opinion: There are a bunch of them. They live on the Outer Islands

Three biggest accomplishments in surfing:
Third in the Oxbow World Longboard Championships
First in Quiksilver Makahiki Longboard Championships
I won the North Shore Big Wave Challenge last year (Biggest Paddle-In)

Three biggest goals in surfing:
Get into the Eddie and the Jay at Maverick's contests
Surf the Big Wave World Tour
Win the XXL Ride of the Year

If surfing paid no money, what would you do? Work to surf and live my life exactly how I do now, no regrets

How far did you go in school? I made it through one year in college, and then I qualified for the longboard tour and started traveling and loved it

If you could travel to one place, where would you go? To the North Hawaiian Islands on a boat

If you could surf one contest, what would it be? The Quiksilver Eddie Aikau.

Describe a popular misconception about Hawaii: That if you live here for a year or get a Hawaiian driver's license you become a local

Team North Shore Underground 2010

  • Ola Eleogram
  • Sion Milosky
  • Mikey Bruneau
  • Markus Hickman
  • Hank Gaskell
  • Evan Valiere