Three Surfers, Two Hours, One Wave with Peter Devries


It's only a few days into the second round of, but Canada's Peter Devries has the most views (over 1400 and counting) and the highest rating among a crew that includes well-known clip junkies like Dion Agius, Corey Lopez, and Craig Anderson. Could Devries be round two's Nate Tyler?

SURFING Magazine: How hard was the process in making this piece? Rumor has it you guys locked yourself in a log cabin for a week.

Peter Devries: The last week before the comp was hard, especially trying to get clips when the waves were terrible. I had zero backside clips with five days left so we had to try and get something. Other than that there were a few days that let us put it all together. We didn’t have the best winter for some of the better waves up here so that was tough. Lots of big swell and lots of bad wind. The wind would always come in the middle of the night when it was dark. But no, we didn’t lock ourselves in a cabin for a week.

Your part makes Canada look like it has some of the best waves on the planet. But if the average surfer traveled there, chances are they’d get a lot more rain than roping right tubes. Give us an idea of how difficult it is to find those golden windows.

We had one good day this year in terms of hollow waves. Luckily there were a few good clips from that day, and the other barrels came from days where I would just get one good wave. The last wave was from a boat/camp trip up the coast. Noah Cohen, Raph, Ryan, Jeremy and I went up overnight and the slogan of the trip was "three surfers, two hours, one wave." I was the lucky one who got the wave. That was after a three-hour boat ride and two hours of waiting for the tide to get right.

Canada isn’t exactly the high performance capital. Where are you getting your influence and inspiration?

I’ve basically grown up watching Taylor Steele movies for inspiration and to see where the performance level of surfing is set. There are only a few guys ripping up here so in order to see different styles and approaches you have to look at videos. It’s great to have the opportunity to enter a contest like this because I really do owe a lot to his movies. I’m the type of person who is easily self-motivated to surf. It doesn’t matter how cold it is. That’s just a part of life up here.

Is it weird for you to surf without booties?

I love my booties! It’s hard to take them off at first but after a few days it’s all good. You get used to whatever you surf in so for me a 3/2 and boots would be ideal. Unfortunately I have to wear a 5mm and boots most of the year and gloves for 5 or 6 months. That is what really sucks, I hate gloves. There is one alley-oop from Nova Scotia in the clip where I was wearing 7mm mits. It was my first surf out there in 34? water, or something like that. For anyone who is surfing in the cold, never wear 7mm mits. Trust me, you can’t paddle.

If you made the top 5, would you scrap this and start all over again?

If I got in we would ideally replace every single clip in the section. Bigger airs, bigger deeper barrels, more backside and more combos. It would be something that we would spend a lot of time working on. It would have to be all cold water though. No boardies. We might have to get rid of the song too…looking at some of the early comments (laughs). I hope it grows on people like it did on me. I guess when you do an edit and hear something 1000 times you get into it.

Who helped make this possible?

Jeremy Koreski and Adam Chilton were huge in all of this. I’ve been filming with Adam for a while and we’ve been racking up a few good clips. Jeremy jumped onboard a little while back when he got his 7D and 5D. He’s done a couple movies in the past, Numb and Shrink, but he has primarily been a still photographer over the last few years. He took that approach to this project and to all the video he shoots in general.

For him it is not necessarily about getting the surfing straight on from the beach. It’s all about showing more in the clip along with getting all the action. He’s very talented and shoots everything with a unique eye. The intro and lifestyle stuff are all his and we have plenty of ideas for the future. We're really excited to get out there and try some different things. It’s nice for him to change his medium too, so he’s pretty fired up right now.

Kuan-Jian foo helped out with the edit. Dean Azim and Shayne Stadnick helped out during the final week with the double angle on a few of those backside clips too. I can’t forget my family for being so supportive: my fiancée Lisa Hasse, son, Asher and my dog Naia.