Timmy Curran Wins Katin Pro-Am


Photos by Dave Molleck

Tim Curran should quit music and be a surfer again. The music world is saturated enough by longhaired, folksy acoustic guitarists. Does it really need to thief another one of our surfers?

Give him back, music world. We need more guys who can consistently stick head-high air-reverses in heats, as Tim did on his way to win the Katin Pro/Am on Saturday. The win also solidified team Hurley's first place finish ahead of Jack's.

Tim didn't sing in his victory speech, a promising sign that the music world may be letting him go. Another sign, a better one, was Timmy saying this:

"My plan this year is to take a break from the music tour and do as many fun events as possible to try and build my World Ranking. I'd love to eventually get back into the US Open."

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Final Team Results:
1 – Hurley 48 points
2 – Jack's 37 points
3 – Buell wetsuits 31 points
4 – Rusty 27 points
5 – Dragon 25 points

Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge Final Result:
1 – Timmy Curran (HUR) 18.50
2 – Chris Waring (DRA) 13.06
3 – Micah Byrne (HBHS) 11.17
4 – Tanner Gudauskas (JAC) 11.10