Huntington Beach Surfer Timmy Turner Continues To Make Progress From Life-Threatening Condition

Huntington Beach surfer / filmmaker Timmy Turner has made remarkable progress in his recovery from a massive staph infection that reached his brain.

According to the daily updates on, Timmy’s family reports daily progress in his battle to fight this infection.

As the January 18th report by Timmy Turner’s wife Jessica said:Today was a good day! Timmy is resting peacefully…. The neurological doctor spoke to me today and told me some good news, he is amazed by Timmys' strength! He also said that he has made great progress in the last 2 weeks, aside from the A.R.D.S. (Acute Resperatory Distress Syndrome) and {{{M}}}.R.S.A. in his lungs (which is a major problem right now), he said that the massive part of the M.R.S.A. ( methicilin resistant staph-acaucus) infection that was in his brain is going away!

Stay tuned to and for continued updates on Timmy’s progress as he continues his battle.Get well soon Timmy – the lineup just isn’t the same without you.
-The SURFING Family