Timmy’s Back, And Not Wasting Any Time

The "Pray for Timmy Turner" stickers must have helped. After being laid up for nine months from a life-threatening staph infection, the adventurous filmmaker (Second Thoughts, Ombak) is finally back in the water. And he isn't wasting any time getting back in the swing of things, with his next gnarly surf/danger-seeking film is already in the works. SURFING caught up with Timmy to see how his first session back in the water went. --Martin Eichert

SURFING MAGAZINE: We're stoked to hear you're getting better. How's the healing progressing?

TIMMY TURNER: Well, I broke my ankle in August and got nine screws, so I was out of the water. I had only been back in three times and I got Staph. So, my ankle had time to heal after that.

How does it feel to be back in the water?

Yeah, I got in the water yesterday. I paddled out at Huntington, north side and south side. The news happened to be out there. They were doing a story on a new building they're building on 6th street. I just walked up to them and said, "Hey I'm surfing," and he decided to do a story on me. And Los Angeles Times was out there too, so it was a freak thing, but it feels good. I was so sore, my ankle, my toes, my chest...but it was all good.

Did they catch any wipeouts out film?

Oh yeah... yeah.

Are you amped about traveling again?

Yeah, going to Alaska in September.

What's the plan for the next film?

Fishing, hunting, and searching for waves. And skiing.

Alaska is a pretty rough spot, how does your wife feel about it?

Heh, fine, she feels good about it.

Been training to get ready for it?

Yeah. Basically I've been doing yoga the last six days straight, surfed yesterday, and now I'm gonna start paddleboarding before I get on the board again, because I was so weak paddling. I may even wear a helmet in Alaska.

What are you bringing with you?
It was originally just a bro trip, but things have changed a lot in the last month. Quiksilver said they were sending guys. There are guys coming together now, but pretty much just surfboards and video equipment. My cousin does charter fishing out there, so we don't need any fishing gear. We'll mainly be hunting deer and he has rifles, too. Grizzlies are around there, but my cousin never shoots 'em. He's protective over those.

Did you loose some muscle?

Oh yeah, I lost a lot.

Are you nervous about it?

Not really, I think we're gonna go up, like, a week early, me and my friend, and see if -- it's what it is. My cousin lives up there and he says that it's unbelievable. It's cold, there are gnarly storms, and there are grizzlies. So hopefully we'll just go for it, and if anything gnarly happens it'll be caught on tape.

What are you taking away from this experience?

I just got so weak, dude, it was gnarly, but you can come back, {{{100}}}%.

Well, good luck with everything.

Alright, thanks.

Keep up with Timmy's healing progress and Alaskan adventures at www.timmyturner.org