Today Is For Surfing

Timo-Indonesia-062016-0909Your day may have not looked like this, but it’s nice to dream, right? Photo: Timo

You could sulk. You could complain about how your weekend was likely too short, and how Monday reared its ugly head all to soon. Or you could embrace this glorious weekday - because today is a great day to go surfing. In fact, it’s an internationally recognized day to go surfing.

So to celebrate International Surfing Day, we 1. Highly encourage that you drop whatever you are doing and head straight for a large body of water, preferably one with rideable waves, 2. Suggest that you look to these photos posted today by various other holiday-goers for inspiration, and 3. Remember to appreciate and protect all the beautiful spots across the world that we are lucky enough to call our playgrounds. So have a quick scroll, or don’t, but more importantly we ask that you please go surfing.

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