Save Trestles: November 3rd Meeting Needs Surfers Support

Trestles, the famed Southern California surf break is in danger.

Looking down at Lowers

By now you’ve heard things like this mentioned a thousand times. You’ve also seen the countless “Stop The Tollroad” bumper stickers as well. But NOW is the time when Trestles needs your help.

On November 3rd, the Department of Parks and Recreation Commission will be holding a meeting in the city of San Clemente. It is vital that the surf community come to this meeting to voice displeasure in the project.

What exactly is the proposed project and why is it so bad you ask? Well, in a nutshell, the proposed toll road will wind down the path of the San Mateo creek and alter the natural sand flow to the break. This potentially would make Trestles break much, much, differently. And not in a good way. The same sand flow that has crippled Mundaka would now be faced at Lowers, Middles, Uppers, Cottons and Church.And don’t forget about other problems such as water quality from increased runoff to San Mateo Creek, endangerment of natural wildlife, NO traffic relief, and oh yeah – a taxpayer cost of 1 BILLION dollars!

So what can you do?

Attending the Department of Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on Thursday, November 3. Here is all the info:

Time: 7 pm
Location: San Clemente Community Center
{{{100}}} North Calle {{{Seville}}}
San Clemente, CA. CLICK HERE FOR PERSONALIZED DIRECTIONS TO THE EVENT Show up early for a rally in support of Trestles. Directions:
Coming from NORTH of San Clemente: South Hwy 5 exit Palizada. Turn left on {{{El Camino}}} Real. Right onto Del Mar. Coming from SOUTH of San Clemente: North Hwy 5 exit Presidio. Turn left under freeway. Turn right onto El Camino Real. Left onto Del Mar.See you there!