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Raven Lundy, brazenly flaunting the Innersection rules to the tune of about five feet. Photo: Eddie Compo

East Coast Billabong rep Raven Lundy dominated the heat. Lundy distinguished himself from the pack with nice lifestyle shots, airs, and underwater footage. He also broke most rules in the Innersection book -- towing, re-cycling and using a snorkel -- but no one seemed to mind.

"We were just kind of warming up the site with this one," says Taylor Steele, regarding Innersection's casual GoPro round this month. "But it was nice to get some tubes." The competition featured one-minute entries using only GoPro camera footage, so obviously there was a solid dose of tunnel time.

"The Innersection site was dormant," continues Taylor, "and GoPro is giving away everything they make to one person every single day of the year, so we figured we'd see who wanted to upgrade their whole GoPro setups. It was all real laid-back."

Other finalists included Outer Banks standout Noah Snyder, Santa Cruz firefighter Mike Golder, 13-year-old Hawaiian grom Joel Schock and Aussie tube-hunter Anthony Walsh. All were awarded a package of everything GoPro makes, including the new LCD Bacpac viewfinder, which finally allows you to see what you're filming.

Raven again, FTW. Photo: Eddie Compo

Anthony Walsh was actually wildcarded in on a new Innersection rule, allowing Innersection to handpick the final qualifier of each round. "It's something we've been thinking about since the beginning but held off for the first year," explains Taylor. "The contest tends to reward the underdog. This is our way of making sure the best surfers and filmmakers still make it into the final movie, because when it comes to the end product we want guys who we know will deliver."

The first real round of Innersection starts up April 1st. In the meantime, bros be getting tubed, and filming the shoots out of it. Here's a quick vid from the Top Five submissions. --Nathan Myers

Innersection GoPro Round Top Five video