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It’s a game of rhythm. At Maverick’s, you can’t take off an average one, lob a big ol’ alley-oop and land it for a 10. That’s just not a thing. If you care to win, you’ve got to be on the biggest and best waves of the day. You’ve got to understand and interact with the ocean in ways both deliberate and subconscious. You’ve got to be in rhythm. Just ask Twiggy.

The man born with the name Grant Baker had been grooving since dawn. The right place was where he lived and the right time was when he lived there. Twig rooted his first round heat, branched out in the semis, then blossomed in the final. It was Twiggy’s second scalping of the Body Glove Mav’s Invite Only, as he won here back when shit was cool in 2006. Twig came into the contest ranked first on the Big Wave World Tour and tremendously expanded his lead with the win. Must just be a rhythmic sort of year.

Other notable points of the day:

-Shawn Dollar eating pancakes on the biggest wave of the day.

-Greg Long making the drop, then eating pancakes on the other biggest wave of the day.

-Anthony Tashnick trying to retreat from one and eating a whole syrupy stack of pancakes.

-Shane Dorian surfing Jaws yesterday afternoon, getting on a red eye, not sleeping, driving straight to Maverick’s and having a stellar first heat.

-Tyler Fox being the lord of the goofies.