Under the Covers with Andy Irons

Andy Irons from the cover of SURFING's October Issue. Photo: Pete Frieden

Andy Irons from the cover of SURFING's October Issue. Photo: Pete Frieden

Normally our “Under the Covers” post is an insightful look at what went into the cover shot. This is a big deal. When we hit up Andy Irons about his October Issue cover right before he left for Tahiti, though, we got this email back from his wife Lyndie. It said simply, “Andy speaks I type :)”

And here you have it.

SURFING: What role would you say getting the cover of a mag plays nowadays? Is it still a big deal to you?

ANDY (/LYNDIE) IRONS: Yeah it’s huge! I’m so stoked! I’m still one of those guys that loves looking at surf mags. I even buy them in airports even if I have seem them before. I don’t have email and I rarely go online so I’m a fan of mags.

Can you remember your first cover of a surf magazine?

For sure. I was 16, SURFING Magazine, backside snap at Rocky Point and Hank Foto shot it.

Can you describe this session and what it is about Bali that makes it such a special place to be a surfer?

Bali has the best of everything, it’s a surfer’s dream. Every time I go to Bali I go for at least two weeks. There are always waves.

We feel that this is one of our most important covers as far as reminding people how important the power element is to surfing. How important is this type of surfing to you?

Power surfing will always be legit. I don’t think these kids will be doing air reverses when they’re 50. Right? So I think it’s very important to be balanced in surfing or you will fade fast.

Can you take us through this specific wave? Does it stand out to you?

I remember that sesh, it was sick.