Who is JOB?

WhereisWhoisJOB? WhatisUPwitdat?

By Nathan Myers

Jamie O'Brien's "WhoisJOB" ad campaign has been pretty funny. "Coming…sooner than you think?" and "It's out when it's out" and "Can't see it yet."

Ha ha. Funny stuff.

On Facebook, he writes: "Have fun in Scotland suckas." Jamie loves to tease the pros. This new rating system has them all chasing their tails, and he's just chasing tubes and making his freesurfer cruiser flick.

Which is cool, but hasn't this "WhoisJOB" ad campaign has been going on for, like, five years now?

When exactly is "sooner than we think" anyway? Cause it seemed like I thought that was a while ago.

"I know, I know," says Jamie. "I wish it was out last year. It's just gotten caught up with some sponsor changes and distribution deals. Red Bull wants it out now, but the distribution company doesn't want it to conflict with other releases. So I figure if we're just sitting around, might as well keep filming."

Jamie didn't re-sign with Rusty this year. He did this Rip Curl last time he was making a movie. It might be a syndrome.

On Facebook, he writes: "I don't play Follow the Leader."

When we spoke, Jamie was in Puerto Escondido, on his was back to Pipe, and then maybe Tahiti. He scored recent covers at Nias. He won the Padang and Pipeline contests. There's a definitely theme here: Jamie is getting shacked like nobody's biznis.

"Surfing small onshore air waves is boring," says Jaime. "I just want to get tubed,"
He writes: "My relationship with the ASP is great! Thanks for keeping all the surfers far away from me."

Jamie's never been one to join a collective, pak or posse…so if they say "air" he says "tube." If they say "blog" he says tweet." And if tweet says blog, he says Facebook.

"Facebook is an addiction," he says. "I'm trying to stop."

Jamie added 400 new friends on Facebook yesterday. He's up to 3,400, but that's nothing compared to his Twitter.

If you want to be his friend, now seems like a good time.

He writes: "I am not a one foot wonder."

Jamie says his new film is 100% better than his previous ones. He's letting more creative people work on it. One of them is big-city photografilmmaker Vincent LaForet (http://vimeo.com/laforet/).

Also Red Bull's stepped with lighting a nighttime Pipe session and lightning some other wads of cash on fire.

Also he's been working on it forever.

Also Jamie is awesome to watch surf. And comes up with some funny shit…maybe while he's waiting to come out of the barrel.

His film could be really amazing.
If it ever comes out.
It is coming out eventually, right?

"October or November," Jamie says.

Of this year?
"Um, what year is this anyway?"
He writes: "Red Bull makes me fart."

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