2007 US Open Update

Conditions: 2-3 ft. of pure and unbridled ecstasy (when sets actually rolled in).
Heats Held: 48 / 2 = 24
Natures Call: Seriously, a fullsuit? The water is 70 degrees!
Predictions: The parties are going to be good tonight.

Local boy Brett Simpson
The insanity that is the US Open of Surf was in full force today. With more bikini-clad, bronzed beauties strutting their stuff than a Reef photo shoot; it was at times difficult to focus on the shattering of glassy peaks performed by the world's best. The field had been narrowed down to a select 48 individuals on Thursday; all of who were awaiting their shot to prove their talents on one of the largest stages of the summer come Friday.Although the morning heats lacked some of the sunny skies of the afternoon, Frenchman Jeremy Flores was able to heat up the Huntington Pier surf arena with consistent and super relaxed snaps off the lip. Unfortunately Flores' heat was overshadowed by a controversial interference call on Floridian Shae Lopez. Upon arrival to the shore, Lopez slammed his deck into the sand and sprinted towards the judges' tower barking his case, luckily the 30ft scaffolding deterred Lopez from continuing his argument. Hawaii's Freddy Pattachia was unable to advance in his heat with C.J. Hobgood due to an interference call as well. Fortunately for the judges, Freddy P kept his cool, shrugged his shoulders, and kept it aloha.While hundreds gathered outside of Huntington Surf and Sport Surf Shop to see Bruce Irons admitted into the Surfer's Hall of Fame, Bruce was busy competing about {{{300}}} yds. Away. Irons among many big hitters fell prey to the ocean in the Round of 48 due to inconsistent sets. Aerial acrobats Dane Reynolds and Josh Kerr were never given a chance to let loose and showoff their airborne abilities while Timmy Curran could hardly muster two descent scoring waves. Once the scores were tallied, the first two heats from the Round of 24 got off to an intriguingly strategic start. A French connection of sorts formed when Jeremy Flores and fellow countryman Mikael Pikon took down Kauai local boy Roy Powers with tactical blocks on crucial waves. So much for USA all the way. At least we have French fries right?Despite controversial interferences and early exits from habitual powerhouses, the day was epic. Huntington local ripper Brett Simpson advanced to the Round of 24 to the delight of thousands of fans on the beach. Australian Jay Thompson scored the wave of the competition with a smooth combination of floaters and slashes netting him a cool 9.83 scoring. And for the cherry on top, I was able to obtain a Reef calendar signed by a lovely Reefette made out, "Brosif, best wishes…love always, Kathleen". It doesn't get much better than that now does it.

Dane Reynolds makes the most of the meager conditions