Not much surf but there are other things besides surf in Huntington

Good enough for Six?

I arrived in Huntington this morning to see the Quiksilver Crossing's Indies Trader parked out the back, which was a weird sight, usually when you see the Crossing there is some awesome reef break peeling in the foreground. But not today. Today is another day of crumbly, shoulder-high wind chop. Everybody is getting really down on the conditions. A few of the pros I talk to tell me that it is a joke that this event is even a six-star ASP qualifier. Not really knowing what they are talking about, I nod my head a do a little research.

Technically, the US Open is an all-access event. Just about anyone can get in, but the reality is that because it is a 6-star event and worth a lot of qualifying points, a lot of the WCT surfers, the real deal, surf this contest. Some do it because of sponsor pressure, and some are here because they need the points to qualify for the WCT next year. A lot of the guys say the waves aren't good enough to warrant such high stakes. The points should go to a different event at a better location, like the WQS at Pipeline or Trestles. Most people I have talked to think it is a joke that the Pipe event is not worth more points, while people are qualifying for the world tour in this waist-high slop. And it makes sense, Pipeline, maybe more than any other break on earth, deserves top billing. Pancho Sullavin puts it succinctly: "I have construction worker friends in Hawaii who can surf good waves better that a lot of guys on tour, but they can't surf slop. When it sucks they don't surf, so there's no way they could try to qualify." Basically the complaint is that the system does not reward the best surfers in the world, it rewards the surfers who can perform in sub-par surf.

Maybe all contests should be boat trips. I mean who doesn't score when they're on some yacht off an anonymous, wide-open reef pass? Just thinking about it makes we want to invite all of these talented US Open surfers, all 500 of them, on board the Indies Trader anchored just off the pier. "Let's go!" I'd say. "Let's go jump on deck and run some heats in some real waves!"

I'll let you know if my Huntington mutiny works.

Six Time world champ Layne Beachley dominated the women’s event in the meager surf