Vacation Cancelled

We tried to ask Kai Neville to write us a “How I Spent My Summer Break” essay — but his mobile was off. Same with the American number he’d been using for his past six weeks in California. Our emails (to both his addresses) went unanswered, save for an auto-reply saying he wouldn’t be reachable by email. Ultimately we decided this was for the best, because Kai’s essay would probably be a letdown. Because Kai’s summer break was non-existent. Because Kai doesn’t take breaks.

After a month in Orange County, feverishly prepping his second film Lost Atlas for its US Open premiere — a barn-burning affair as highly anticipated as the Open itself — Kai should have been in shambles. Instead he was in Mexico, less than 36 hours after the LA credit roll. He returned to California briefly, then home to Australia before an Indo trip materialized and Kai took off again. Now he’s watching a typhoon take shape through his boat’s wi-fi connection and contemplating a reroute to tail the swell. So while Lost Atlas has been out for less than three weeks, Kai’s already logged hours of footy toward his next project. Some vacation.

Below are photos from the August 4th premiere of Lost Atlas on 5th Street in downtown Huntington Beach — one of the last confirmed public Kai sightings. It was a memorable evening…or so we’re told.

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Still haven’t seen Lost Atlas? The friendly people at iTunes will give it up for $10 — no DVD to scratch, no trip to the store, no shipping and handling.