Hacking the Vans U.S. Open: Saturday

mitch coleborn-taras2175
Coleburn, making Ethan earn his pudding. Photo Taras

The Vans US Open of Surfing is a clusterfuck.

There's stuff going on everywhere, and it's hard to know where to be at any given time. In the spirit of keeping you happy and informed, we've created an unofficial itinerary to Huntington Beach's yearly bender.

Here's where you need to be on Saturday, July 30th:

Event: Mens Pro Heat 2
Where: Le Pier
When: 10:15 AM
Why: Ethan Ewing is 17 years old and currently sits at sixth place in the QS rankings. He's the only QSer in the current top ten that is still alive in the US Open. If he wins this heat and advances to the quarterfinals, he will likely jump up a few more spots. If he goes on to win the event, he will be number one on the QS. But Mitch Coleborn is gonna do everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen. It will be a cracker.

Event: Jr. Men and Jr. Women Finals
Where: Le Pier
When: 1:40-2:40
Why: Wanna find out where surfing is headed? Come check out the best under-18s in the world as they do battle in shin-slapping Pacific rollers. You might just see a couple future world champs.

Event: Skate Comp Finals
Where: Le Park
When: 5 PM
Why: These guys are gnarly, straight up. I watched them for an hour yesterday, and the lines they think up are pretty incredible. There's something mesmerizing about watching someone continually gain speed while performing monstrous tricks. Simply put, you won't want to miss this.

Event: Jack Freestone Movie Premier/After party
Where: The Bungalow
When: The movie starts at 7:30, but get there early if you plan on watching it! Max capacity is 400.
Why: SURFING has been working on a Jack Freestone feature film since November. And though Jack has suffered a few injuries throughout our filming period, he was still able to compile some of the best surfing you'll see in 2016. Plus Jack already lost out of the event so he'll probably be going ham at the after party!

*Daily tip: The best hangover cure is coconut water. I don't know how it works, but something about those green tree-testes makes me feel alive! If you find yourself struggling to rise from the dead, bust open a coco and let the good times roll.