Vertra 5: Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard has now become a house hold name. Everyone has either seen or heard of the amazing acrobatic aerials and huge slabs that he puts himself deep into. Jeff Hubbard has clinched his 3rd IBA World Championship Title! He joins the list of legendary Hawaiians who've won World Titles, like Mike Stewart, Andy Irons, Derek Ho, Sunny Garcia, Carissa Moore, Rusty Keaulana, Bonga Perkins and Duane Desoto. For someone with such amazing talent and huge accolades, Jeff is one of the most Down-to-Earth, Happy-Go-Lucky, Smiling people you will ever meet. He's quiet, mellow, always stoked, respectful, and let's his surfing do the talking!

1. 5 Influential People in your Life and Why?
My dad, Mark Hubbard. This man is so positive, smart and giving. I have so much respect, admiration and love for him. My Brother Dave. He keeps challenging and pushing me. My mom Barbara because she is so supportive and nurturing. My brother Mike because he really keeps me grounded. Eddie Solomon because he was such a driven person. I always try to push myself harder and live better because of him.

2. 5 Things people may not know about you.
I stretch every morning. I love to sleep. I am a Miami Dolphins fan. I can bake a mean cookie. I have started 3 businesses.

3. 5 Websites you look at daily.
facebook, surfline, hulu, netflix,

4. 5 Things you want people to remember you as.
Giving, humble, nice, positive, influential

5. 5 Places you want to go to/go back to before you die.
Cape Town, Huahine, Italy, Dubai, Ireland