View From A Blue Moon Is Currently The Second Most Popular Movie On iTunes

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It doesn’t take much to realize that John John Florence and Blake Kueny’s View From A Blue Moon was built to intrigue and inspire an audience broader than that of our little surf bubble. They did a good job at that.

Like, a really good job.

At (word)press time, VFABM is the second most popular movie on iTunes. It is ahead of a movie called Minions, which is about Minions, but is made for little kids who have brains that are too stupid to appreciate the value of the dick jokes and occasional off-color drug references that we make on this bastion of literature called So that’s good.

It is also ahead of a movie called Trainwreck, which features Amy Schumer whom I believe posted a naked photo on twitter somewhat recently and that would presumably drive sales in a society that is sex-driven from the subconscious darkness of instinct to the careful, if not constructed, realm of affirmative thought. That’s good, too.

It is even ahead of While We’re Young, which I heard is all right. And that’s nice.

But it is behind Ted 2 and that is bad.

I know that it is bad because I have seen Ted 2 and I have seen View From A Blue Moon. The latter is simply a better movie. There is a scene in Ted 2 in which Marky Mark gets covered in semen at a sperm bank. While you can find the same theme of excretions in View, John John’s rendition of it leaves you with the good kind of goosebumps. It wins every other cinematic battle one could think of.

Let’s do the right thing. Let’s make John John’s movie number 1. Click here to buy.