Volcom Pipe Pro: Best Final Ever?

All photos by Ryantfoley.com

Jamie O had it locked up. It was over. John John hugged and congratulated him, knowing that with only a minute left he was unlikely to earn the 9.41 he needed to overtake JOB. But Pipeline, benevolent Pipeline, had other plans. A set stacked. John John saw it and broke toward it, Jamie taking chase. But sprinting contests favor youth and John John stroked north toward Ehukai and straight into the Pipe left but wait! He’s going right. Right into a Backdoor cavern as the horn blows. The wave spits. John John emerges, hands raised. Crowd erupts. Jamie cries (probably). The score is logged and it’s a 9.93. And with that, the best Pipeline final ever comes to a close.

Or was it? And if it was not, what was?