The Volcom Pipeline Pro will be held from January 23rd– February 5th

By Matt Skenazy

At the end of this month, and for the first time ever, Volcom will be dropping their world famous Volcom stone onto the banner of an ASP event. And the funny thing? It makes perfect sense. With their presence on the North Shore, Volcom looks to bring a new vibe to the competitive arena at Pipe without taking the focus away from the real reason you have a contest at Pipe: the wave. We caught up with Volcom's Mike Guarino to get an idea of what we can expect from the event.

SURFING Magazine: Volcom's first ASP event, why start now?
Mike Guarino: We feel it's simply the right time for Volcom to get involved on another level of competition and with the ASP.  The opportunity arose and we are ready to help showcase great Pipeline surfing. It also feels great to support Hawaiian competitors, and give recognition to the Pipeline specialists. There isn't a better venue than Pipeline for our first ASP event.

How do you plan to make it special this year?
Someone said to me, "So are you guys gonna have clowns and crazy stuff on the beach too?" And of course will want to bring an original "Volcom" feel to the event, but not by making a crazy scene or taking away from the main focus.  The spotlight will be pointed straight out to the lineup, but you will also know it's a Volcom event. Pipeline is a serious spot and so are the people who dedicate their lives to riding it.

Big hopes for big waves?

We can only hope to have classic big Pipeline conditions. Within our two-week waiting period, we'll have guys who know the Pipeline best making the call whether to run or not each morning. And if the Banzai is reading this: Big tubes, both right and left, please.

Will the Volcom house be in full effect?
When you place yourself at the mercy of Pipe, you also place yourself in the eyes of all.  At that place, no one's a better human, there are just people who ride Pipeline better than others…some may get heckled if they farm it, others given kudos for their skills…in the end, it's all in good fun and simply adds to how Pipeline wants it anyway.

Will be see Bruce?
Definitely.  All the boys, both Volcom riders from Bruce and beyond, to other Pipe madmen from everywhere are psyched for the event.  All will be in place for an epic show.

Pipe doing it's thing.  Photo: Carey

Pipe doing it's thing. Photo: Carey