Patchouli Oil Spill in Newport

It's only natural that someone from Santa Cruz would win. With clouds of incense, drum circles and tie-dye clad onlookers crowding the beach; Jason "Ratboy" Collins must have felt more comfortable in Newport Beach than he ever has. Walking down the beach for the final instead of walking through hoards of silicone Barbies, he was trotting through picketing protesters and sunbathers lubed up with patchouli oil instead of coco butter; no doubt reminding him of his beloved home in SC. That must have really eased the tension of surfing for $15,000 and a new Kawasaki 250, because Rat demolished the final and put down a very revolutionary charge from Killian Garland who came second.

While Killian had to settle for second, $7,000 isn't a bad consolation prize for sunny, peaceful weekend by the shore. In other close calls, Spencer Regan of Ventura pulled up just short in the final against Brent Reilly of Carlsbad in the Trippers (15-17) division. Regan, who had been sponsor-less for some time, was donning some fresh Globe gear for the event and brought a very inspired performance all weekend.

In other eye opening performances, Andrew Doheny once again showed why he is the real deal these days. He's grown up a bit this year, but retained his quickness that made him such a threat as a mini-grom. He dueled with Brazilian Gabriel Medina for most of the event and took the win in the Love Children final for a ridiculous payout (for a 14-year-old) of $8,000. "I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with that much," said the middle schooler of his winnings. "I'll probably end up blowing a good portion of it on something stupid. But hopefully I can plan some trips with it."

In the Hippie Chicks final, Coco Ho of Hawaii came to win. She looked good the entire event, and the final was no different. Her polished style is one to watch out for. Pocketing $7,000 for her showing, Coco Ho can definitely call this a trip to California well worth it.

In the High Flyers Division, it was Mitch Coleborn of Australia who was able to put the previous night's of partying in the OC behind him long enough to take the win and boost some ridiculous airs in the small surf.

This event continues to grow and is by far one of the raddest surf contests you can attend. Volcom gives away so much stuff it's hard to figure out how they have anything left at the warehouse. Thanks to Volcom for an incredible event and we can't wait to see what they come up with next year for a theme.


1.Jason “Rat Boy” Collins, Santa Cruz, CA-$15,000 + Monster Kawasaki KX250F
2.Kilian Garland, Orcutt, CA-$7,000
3.Dylan Graves, Puerto Rico-$4,000
4.Keli Everett, Hawaii-$3,000

1.Brent Reilly, Carlsbad, CA-$10,000
2.Spencer Regan, Oxnard, CA-$5,000
3.Kiron Jabour, Hawaii-$4,000
4.Alex Smith, Hawaii-$3,000

1.Andrew Doheny, Newport Beach, CA-$8,000
2.Gabriel Medina, Brazil-$4,000
3.Ian Gouveia, Brazil-$3,000
4.Ezekiel Lau, Hawaii-$2,000

1.Coco Ho, Hawaii-$7,000
2.Kim Mayer, Santa Cruz, CA-$4,000
3.Kyla Langen, Carlsbad, CA-$3,000
4.Erica Hosseini, Newport Beach, CA-$2,000

1.Mitch Coleborn, Australia-$7,000
2.Marcos Sifu, Brazil-$3,000
3.Kilian Garland, Orcutt, CA-$2,000
4.Ola Eleogram, Hawaii-$1,000
5.Asher Pacey, Australia
6.Josh Hoyer, Newport Beach, CA