Vote The Environment In Montauk

Patagonia, the environmentally-friendly clothing company, is asking you to elect an environmentally-friendly president. The message was clear this past Saturday night as the company celebrated their Vote The Environment campaign at the SurfLodge in Montauk, NY. Over {{{300}}} people, including Patagonia's ambassadors Dan Malloy and Mary Osborne, gathered at the party to hear about how they could personally spread the Vote The Environment word. The cause also brought out artists, sports figures, locals, writers, designers and well-known musicians like Mike D of the Beastie Boys, The White Buffalo and {{{Jimmy}}} Buffet.

Partygoers learned that Patagonia's Vote The Environment campaign is broken into three steps, 1) Register to Vote, 2) Learn the candidates' environmental voting records and 3) Vote The Environment this November 4. The campaign has been in full swing since this summer, when musician Jack Johnson invited Vote The Environment on tour with him. Jack provided a bed on the tour bus — and the company was able to help register almost 8,000 new voters on the tour's stops.

Dan Malloy, who usually shies away from politics, spoke at the party about the environmental destruction he's seen at his favorite surf breaks and the importance of surfers taking their environmental ethics with them to the voting booth this November 4, "One of my favorite places to surf in the world is the Santa Clara Rivermouth near Ventura," noted Dan, "But the past three times I've surfed there, I've gotten sick. The place is polluted – you can smell it a mile away. It's a huge bummer to see this damage in our daily lives. We can help the situation by voting."

Dan introduced the evening's musical guest, The White Buffalo, who Dan described as "a modern-day Johnny Cash." The Buffalo's performance literally stopped most people in their tracks, as his powerful voice intermixed with SurfLodge's bay-side and costal grass backdrop.

Earlier in the evening, Lisa Pike-Sheehee, Patagonia's director of environmental programs addressed the attendees, noting that "Patagonia is relying on you to share with your friends, your co-workers, your family, the impact the next president will have on our planet," she said. "We need each person here to take tonight's message with them – Patagonia can't do it without people like you."

As the night wound down, Mike D of the Beastie Boys summed it up best: "We all have to vote. We all have to vote for the environment this November."