Jack’s Surf Shop Celebrates their 14th Annual Walk of Fame Awards

The class of 2007
If you've never been to Huntington this time of year, think of it as a three ring circus. One ring being the U.S. Open, the other the fabled pier and the third is the two legendary surf shops that overlook the beach. Throw in droves of pasty white tourists, a maze of vendor tents and a half pipe and you have the madness that is Huntington Beach.

Jack's surf shop took center stage, celebrating their 50th anniversary and the 14th annual surfing walk of fame induction. Nearly every great name connected with surfing adorns the sidewalk out front of the shop, and this year added even more. The usual categories were recognized: surf champion, local hero, woman of the year, surf pioneer and honor roll. This year the honor roll recipients, the 1955 H.B. surf club pier members, drew the biggest crowd.

Dick Metz introduced each member present with a heartfelt story of how they impacted surf city USA when it was still young. Though surfing has changed greatly since '55, each member of the club are still close friends. As Peter "PT" Townend said himself, "the water is what keeps us young."

After the boys of 55 had their overdue reunion, PT continued the ceremony by introducing the world's coolest grandma and the woman of the year recipient Mimi Munro. The ceremony ended with Scott Farnsworth, local hero inductee, providing the crowd with a laugh infused acceptance speech.

Other award recipients who weren't present include: Midget Farrelly who received the surf champion award, Bill and Bob Meistrell who were rewarded the surf culture award, George Greenough recognized with the surf pioneer award.

This year witnessed a dozen great additions to the already legendary walk of fame. However, this year proved one thing other years did not, old guys really do rule.

Next on the agenda for Huntington is the 10th annual surfers' hall of fame inductions, which will be held across the street from Jack's surf shop at Huntington Surf and Sport.

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