Watch View From A Blue Moon, Right Now – The best $12.99 you’ll spend this week

The best $12.99 you'll spend this week

JohnFlorence_winter2014-15_BrentBielmann394_1John John Florence. Photo: Brent Bielmann

It was hushed. Then hyped. Then hailed, via reviews. And now it’s here.

John John Florence and Blake Kueny’s View From A Blue Moon just became available on Vimeo on Demand. For $12.99 — cheaper than lunch and a beer — you can download it and watch it right now. Or you can buy the DVD/Blu-Ray for $24.99 over here.

Or, if you’re poor, we recommend convincing one of your friends to buy it and then driving your poor person car (’98 Toyota Avalon, maybe?) over to their place to watch it. No matter your means, find a way to see this movie. It’s worth it.