WaveJet Signs Surfing Icon and ‘Life Rolls On’ Founder, Jesse Billauer

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb 5, 2013 — WaveJet announced today that it has signed California
professional surfer and founder of the inspirational Life Rolls On foundation, Jesse
Billauer, as a WaveJet team rider. Billauer, 33, spent the first 17 years of his life training
and successfully building his career as a professional surfer. In 1996, following a surfing
accident, Jesse suffered a complete spinal cord injury, cutting short that planned career.
During his recovery, not willing to let his accident get the best of him, Billauer founded
Life Rolls On, an organization committed to enabling spinal cord injury adaptive athletes to
continue to surf and skate throughout their lives. Billauer has continued to push the
boundaries of what is possible and has continued to live his dream as a professional surfer
working with the best in the industry, while constantly reminding the world that anything is
possible. Billauer looks forward to this new beginning with WaveJet, commenting,
"WaveJet has changed my life. It has changed my friends' lives as well. It has allowed me to
have more independence in the water allowing my friends to not feel like I am solely
dependent on their assistance. WaveJet has allowed me to challenge myself and my wave
knowledge skills and has brought a whole new way for me too look at my next surf session.
I feel so lucky and blessed to have this technology at my fingertips now. I have lots of wave
catching up to do. I’m so stoked."

Jesse Billauer

WaveJet has been providing WaveJet systems for Life Rolls On 'They Will Surf Again'
events since 2011 and designed Billauer's first WaveJet in 2012. "Since the inception of
WaveJet, we've realized that there are so many uses for this technology and so many ways
that it can optimize time in water," commented WaveJet founder and CEO, Mike Railey. "I
am truly humbled and honored to know that this technology that we developed could take
Jesse's and other athletes' surfing to the next level. We are stoked to have him on our

Spending time with the WaveJet team on Oahu's North Shore in 2012 to test the product
flanked by numerous members of the professional surfing community, Billauer was able to
advance his performance like never before. "Being involved with Life Rolls On and getting
to know Jesse the last few years and then seeing the impact that our technology could have
on his surfing in Hawaii made it so clear to us that he could be a huge asset to our
organization and a fantastic addition to our team," says WaveJet Global Director of Sales,
Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Kelly Virgulto. "Jesse is a huge inspiration to the world,
and anything we can do to support him and his surfing is an incredible opportunity."

Joining Florida surfing legend and aerial specialist, Cory Lopez and big wave champion and
Guinness world record holder Garrett McNamara on Team WaveJet, Billauer will help to
provide another perspective that will contribute to the further development and applications
of WaveJet technology. Billauer will also be a huge part of the development and utilization
of WaveJet applications for adaptive athletes.

WaveJet is the first patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) system designed for use
in surfboards, SUPs, kayaks, rescue boards, body boards, scuba gear, and light boats.
Powered by twin-lithium ion batteries with twin jet drives, WaveJet is capable of 20
pounds of thrust, has a continuous run-time of up to 60 minutes, is activated through a
wireless wrist controller and recharges in a standard wall socket. At 3 to 5 times faster
than paddling a surfboard, WaveJet is safe, quiet and light, and can equally to conquer
big waves and enable surfers and paddle boarders to have more fun and optimize their
time in the flattest of water. WaveJet lets you break free. www.wavejet.com



Contact: Kelly Virgulto kelly.virgulto@wavejet.com 714.541.5554