Waves For Water Launches _ForWater

Carissa Moore, Jon Rose and Jake Marshall, Waves 4 WaterWaves For Water trip to Haiti. Photo: Ryan Miller

Yesterday was World Water Day.

And while its date and title are as unofficial as National Pig Day and Middle Name Appreciation Day, its purpose and content are much more important. Billions of people around the world lack access to clean water, many in the very places we travel for surf. And it's a solvable problem.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're thinking, same ol' Waves For Water message I've heard on the webcasts for years. And you're right. It's the same message because it's still an issue, and you'll be hearing about it until the world water crisis is over because one of our own -- former pro surfer Jon Rose -- has made it his mission to ensure every person on earth gets access to clean water. A lofty goal, to be sure, but he's not doing it alone. He wants you and your buddies to help. How? Glad you asked.

Yesterday marked the release of _ForWater, an online and mobile platform that allows users to create and fund clean-water initiatives around the world. So when Sam California plans a surf trip to Panama this summer and wants to bring a few water filters to give to the local school, he signs up on _ForWater, creates a fundraiser and asks his friends and family for support. Or, if Sam's got an extra $150 lying around, he can pay for the filters himself. Then Sam can upload images from his trip, place a pin on the _ForWater map and show his supporters where the money went (hello, transparency). Then, next summer, when Billy Florida is taking a trip to Panama, he can see Sam's already been there, reach out for information or reliable points of contacts, and keep the momentum going.

This is You_ForWater. It's really easy and it's really fun. Erase all preconceived images of mission trips with matching shirts, sweating in the equatorial heat while hauling wheelbarrows and laying brick. You can make a huge difference between your morning surf and your afternoon beer, and meet some incredible people in the process. SURFING's brought filters on several trips over the years, and highly recommend it.

To be an early adopter, go to www.forwater.co and sign up.