Welcome To Surfing

JohnFlorence_winter2014-15_BrentBielmann394_1John John Florence. Photo: Brent Bielmann

And welcome to the new surfingmagazine.com.

With the unveiling of our new website, we thought we'd take a minute or three to fill you in on what you can expect from this slice of the internet. So, here it goes...

We're going to break all the news. Like, even news that hasn't happened yet -- we'll just predict the future and tell you about it. We're going to bring you exclusive photos and videos from the world's best surfers and the world's best waves. We're going to have firm and sometimes wild opinions on everything that matters and some things that don't (cough, Laird stuff). We're going to explore different avenues of digital media to share stories in unique, creative and visually stimulating ways. We're going to be original. We're going to have fun.

And here's where you'll find all of that.

Homepage: It's everything. Like a buffet. Videos, news, features, photos, biscuits, gravy all in one place. Refresh it throughout the day, because more is always on the way.

Videos: The Internet Department of Surf Videos (IDSV) recently published a study stating that a new edit drops every thirty-seven minutes. We're dedicated to finding all of those edits and getting them to live happily ever after on one page. The best of them will live under our Staff Picks section.

Originals: Craving some meat? Maybe a side of potatoes? You'll find it here. The Originals page is the heart of our website, where you'll find everything hand-made by us.

Swellwatch: This is the future of surfing -- literally, this is where you'll go to see what the ocean will be doing and where you'll be surfing in the not so distant future. It's the best free surf forecasting site in the game.

There are other corners of content -- go ahead, explore -- but those are the pillars of this site. So enjoy. Engage. And keep on SURFING.