Will Create for Traction

UPDATE: We’ve picked a winner. Our favorite haiku came from Fred, who wrote:

Craig, son of Ander
Surfs with style to remember
I need his pad, brah!

Thanks to everyone for slinging words. Twas a tough choice.

Modom is a palindrome, as well as a sweet little accessories company out of Victoria, AUS. A lot of trac pads look like hell and mar otherwise beautiful surfboards. Ugly! But Modom takes pains to put out clean-looking product, like Craig Anderson’s signature traction (below).

They wanted to make a little surf clip (see top of this post) to release with Ando’s pad, as Modom’s Lincoln Eather explains: “Instead of flowing us some footage, Ando decided to cut a little clip himself. Sliced together pretty much on his iPhone with some music from GarageBand (his mate’s tunes), he pulled together a neat little 20-second clip. Gotta admire having a team guy like this on the books.”

What a creative fella. You be creative too, and write a Craig-themed haiku in the comments. Our favorite haiku gets Craig’s pad and maybe a job as our next surf magazine editor. But probably just the pad though.

And as a reminder, a haiku is a poem with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second, and five syllables in the third. That’s it. Here are some examples to get you going:

My board is pad-less
I want to do airs like Craig
So I need his gear

My trac pad’s heinous
Neon blue and yellow squares
My poor, poor surfboard

Craig Anderson sucks
You guys are so gay for him
Poor man’s Clay Marzo

Whaddya got? Go ahead and take the weekend, we’ll make a pick Monday.