In September we went to France with Eric and Evan Geiselman to begin filming for their SURFING profile. Similar to past projects with Filipe Toledo (Spinning at the Speed of Now), Tanner Gudauskas (Mental Paradise) and Jack Freestone (Low Profile), we spent the last six months with the Geiselman's to get a glimpse inside their lives.

Their lives together, fortunately.

As you might recall, Evan very nearly drowned at Pipeline in December of 2015. Eric was on the beach and in the ambulance for every horrifying moment, which he relives in detail. It's a heavy segment in the movie, for sure. But all's well that ends well — which this definitely does — and aside from Ev's near-death experience, the rest of their story is all high action and humor.

Fast forward to today. To the Caribbean. A solid swell is sweeping the area and the brothers are jumping island-to-island in pursuit of one final section for the film. Judging from the photos above they've been scoring, and if all goes to forecast, the best is still to come. We’ll quickly edit the results of whatever happens during the rest of their trip in the tropics and then premiere the movie in exactly two weeks.

To read their profile in print, pick up our next issue, which hits newsstands on January 20. To watch the film, tune into our website on February 1. And if you live in Florida, head over to Orlando for the world premiere at Surf Expo on January 26. Location and time to follow. Stay tuned!