WQS Update With Al Hunt

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The Drug Aware Pro presented by O'Neill for both men and women has been completed at Margaret River in West Australia with congratulations going to Tom Whitaker (AUS) and Paige Hareb (NZL) on their great wins in surf ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet over the week.

This is both surfers first ever WQS wins and for New Zealand their first ever women's event winner on the WQS.

At the top of the ratings is still Patrick Gudauskas, but here come the Brazilians pushing out the USA. Raoni {{{Montero}}} has jumped from 6th to 2nd while Hizumone Bettero has jumped from 20th to 3rd. TJ Barron has dropped one spot to 4th while Nathaniel Curren is in 5th down from 2nd rounding out the top 5.

Tom with his win and only one WQS score is in 18th and fellow Margs finalist Chris Ward is in 14th spot.

The big movers this week other than Hizunome are Ryan Campbell 35th to 6th , Margs semi finalist Chris Davidson from 74th to 7th and Dan Ross from 260th to 22nd.

In the girls division young Sally Fitzgibbons is still number one with a commanding lead that should see her on top of the ratings for a long time if not all year.

Sally's closest rival Rosey Hodge, with her second place at Margs has closed the gap slightly but has moved away from the rest of the pack significantly. Paige with her win has moved into 3rd spot closely followed by Jessi Miley-Dyer and Rebecca Woods making up the Top 5 rated girls.

In other parts of the world the Quiksilver Pro Durban trials are underway today and yesterday saw the Quiksilver Junior division run down to the final, which will run next weekend before the WQS final. Klee Strachan and Nicholas Godfrey are the junior finalists.

Main event for the Quiksilver Pro Durban starts tomorrow and the Vendee Surf Pro in France on Tuesday.

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