WQS Update With Al Hunt

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The Sooruz Lacanau Pro has been completed with current ASP WQS No. 1 Nathaniel Curran (USA) bringing home the gold along with 2500 points, $15,000 and a heavy ratings lead of 2,350 points. This is Nathaniel's third ASP WQS win and second in two weeks after his US Open win.

In the Semifinals, it was much like being poolside at Bejing with the USA and the Aussies fighting it out for the top spots. Dion Atkinson (AUS) was able to come in second with fellow Aussie Josh Kerr third and Mike Losness from USA equal third also.

In the ratings, the Top 20 Austin Ware, Shaun Gossman and Adam Melling have ped out while Josh Kerr moved from 35th to 12th and is actually still carrying a zero for his 7th event so Josh is in reality rated around 2nd-4th even with a reasonable result at Hossegor, Tim Boal from 22nd to 14th and Dion Atkinson from 36th to 18th to replace them.

Other big movers upwards were Yadin Nicol 14th to 5th, Greg Emslie 13th to 6th and Chris Davidson from 4th to 2nd. Losers were Marlon Lipke 9th to 14th and Brett Simpson 12th to 17th. Most others were able to hold minor s of up to three places.

The current Top 20 now are:
Curran,Nathaniel USA 12625
Davidson,Chris AUS 10275
Weare,David ZAF 10225
Henrique,Pedro BRA 9988
Nicol,Yadin AUS 9600
Emslie,Greg ZAF 9375
Gudauskas,Patrick USA 9357
Paulino,Pablo BRA 9350
Courtney,Drew AUS 9325
Bettero,Hizunome BRA 9325
Garcia,Sunny HAW 9113
Kerr,Josh AUS 9075
Yeomans,Nathan USA 8913
Boal,Tim FRA 8863
Lipke,Marlon DEU 8863
Monteiro,Raoni BRA 8788
Simpson,Brett USA 8725
Atkinson,Dion AUS 8713
Robertson,Adam (Vic) AUS 8652
Muscroft,Nic AUS 8600

Only other events this week were ASP Pro Junior ones. In Japan, the winner of the Firewire Super Kids at Shonan was Shota Nakamura, while in France at Lacanau the winner of the girls Oakley Pro junior was Pauline Ado. Also on the French coastline at Hourtin at the Miss Kana Cup all girls' event, Alizee Arnaud was victorious.

For Shota Nakamura, it is his second ASP Pro Junior title and for Pauline Ado, this was her fourth career junior win along with one ASP WQS win. For Alizee Arnaud this was her fourth career ASP Pro Junior win also.

The Rip Curl Pro starts tomorrow at Hossegor and being an ASP WQS 6-Star Prime with a host of Dream Tour surfers plus all the current Top {{{100}}} rated ASP WQSers I expect to see some major jumps in the ratings.