The Situation Room: WQS Update

Oh what a difference a week and a Super Series event can do.

The cutoff point for the WQS Top 15 has now increased by 613 points from last week to 9,726 after the Rip Curl Pro Super Series event at Hossegor.

Moved into the WQS Top 15 are Rodrigo Dornelles, Miky Picon and Luke Munro at the expense of Jarrad Howse, Kirk Flintoff, Jean da Silva and Dayyan Neve who was tied 15th last week.

Big movers were Dane Reynolds from 7th to 2nd, {{{CJ}}} Hobgood from 15th to 6th, Rodrigo Dornelles 21st to 8th and Luke Munro 25th to 13th.

The guys still carrying low points that will increase with a good result are CJ Hobgood, Heitor Alves, Aritz Aranburu, Neco Padaratz, Miky Picon, Luke Munro, Kieren Perrow and Gabe Kling, however good results are hard to come by these days, just ask Kieren Perrow and Jarrad Howse who have dropped from 3rd and 4th after the Maldives to currently 14th and 16th.

With three 6*Primes and three 6* normal events still available there are tons of points and anyone or a small group could do some major damage with semi final and final results. Just for firsts in each event someone could still rack up 16,500 points before the end of the year.

Who is a safe bet for 2008? Jordy Smith for sure, Dane Reynolds, Tiago Pires and Ben Bourgeois should be (but mathematically could be knocked out), Jay Thompson and CJ Hobgood excellent chance and the rest who knows. From 7th to 27th is just a win or 2nd for someone.

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