WQS Update With Al Hunt

Very little this week on the WQS side of things with just the 3-Star Zarautz Surf Pro event in Spain being held.

No changes to the ratings, where it matters, from Zarautz.

However, with the Boost Mobile Pro event at Trestles having just ended, the Top 45 are now down to the make or break part of their world tour campaign to stay inside the Top 27 that automatically qualify for 2008.

From around No. 23 Adrian Buchan to the end ASP Foster's 45 are not looking set for 2008 yet so I decided to have a look at what they may need to do on the WQS just in case.

Adrian Buchan is sitting in 27th on the WQS with a couple of 875's as his low scores that need replacing. He really needs a couple of 17ths in the remaining 6 Star Primes to make much difference to his WQS rating and a couple of them would move him up to around 10th on the Grind.

Adriano de Souza, 44th on the 'QS, could make the WQS cutoff but would need four good results or a couple of semifinals upwards.

Ricky Basnett is way down at 160th and needs at least 7000 points, which is four great WQS results so he should be going full on to maintain his Top 27 position.

Josh Kerr, in 83rd, is carrying three zeros so he would need a few high places – 5th's and upwards.

Cory Lopez is in 140th although, carrying a few zeros, would need a win and a couple of semis. He should try to maintain his 26th on the Foster's ASP World Tour or better.

Luke Stedman, in 174th, is in the same boat as Cory.

Rodrigo Dornelles, in 8th, is safe.

Leonardo Neves, in 38th, is in big trouble and should hope for some good Foster's ASP World Tour results.

Royden Bryson, in 24th, needs around 1000 more WQS points with two low 875 scores that could easily be replaced with a couple of 9ths.

Bernardo Miranda, in 49th, needs to rely on a couple of good Foster's ASP World Tour results as the WQS is just about out of reach.

Troy Brooks, in 26th, needs a similar deal to Royden.

Neco Padaratz, in 15th, needs a final in any of the big WQS left.

Adrian Buchan is in the Top 30 on both the Foster’s ASP Championship Tour as well as the WQS Tour
Shaun Cansdell, in 42nd, needs at least four quarterfinal results or a final and a couple of 17ths in the remaining WQS events.

Victor Ribas, in 87th, is in deep trouble, but who knows with him. He could easily make a couple of finals in the Brazilian events.

Phil MacDonald, in 235th, would need three wins and is in really big trouble this year.

Dayyan Neve, in 17th. needs a final or couple of quarter to semifinals.

Greg Emslie, in 43rd, needs a win and a semi so he is also in trouble.

Luke Munro, in 10th, is looking safe in the WQS Top 15.

Gabe Kling, in 16th, is close but needs a final.

Mark Occhilupo, with only one WQS event to his name this year cannot make it on the WQS and with his Foster's ASP World Tour rating at 44th, this should be his last year on tour.

Well that's it for this week.