WQS Update With Al Hunt

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What a week. A profiterole of events including multiple men's, women's, longboards and juniors went down last week and the results came in as if the floodgates were opened.

On the men's ASP WQS side of things, the biggest was ASP WQS 5-Star Movistar Classic in Pantin, Spain where Brazilian Willian Cardoso defeated Michel Bourez from Tahiti.

Meanwhile in Saudade, Brazil the ASP WQS 3-Star Gatorade Classic was won by Jadson Andre who defeated fellow Brazilian's Davi do Carmo, Tomas Hermes and Peterson Rosa in the 4-man final.

Heading North at the ASP WQS 2-Star {{{Van}}}'s El Ponto Loco at Ponto, California, USA, Casey Brown from Hawaii defeated in 2nd Dillon Perillo, 3rd Jason Collins and 4th Brad Ettinger all from California.

Across the Pacific in at the ASP WQS 2-Star Murasaki Pro in Fukushima, Japan, Hideyoshi Tanaka defeated Shota Nakamura in the 'QS and former ASP World Longboard Champion Hawaiian Bonga Perkins won the longboard event.

The women's ASP WQS 3-Star was also held at Pantin with Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina defeating the French girls Justine Dupont, Marie de Jean and Amandine Sanchez in the 4-girl final.

ASP Pro Junior events were run at Ponto where Nat Young. The USA one not the legendary Australian one (yet), took out the ASP Grade-2 Billabong Pro Junior title there, while down under in Australia at Port Stephens on the NSW coast, Tamaroa McComb from Tahiti and Paige Hareb from New Zealand were victorious at their respective ASP Grade-1 Billabong Junior Pro.

In the ratings Top 20, only Brett Simpson (USA) has ped out making way for Leigh Sedley of Australia.

No big movers this week upwards, however Patrick Gudauskas went from 4th to 3rd, David Weare 8th to 6th , Leigh Sedley from 21st to 16th and Hizunome Bettero from 15th to 11th.

There were no major s in the ratings worth mentioning.

The current Top 20 now are:
Curran,Nathaniel USA 13200
Davidson,Chris AUS 12525
Gudauskas,Patrick USA 11438
Kerr,Josh AUS 11325
Boal,Tim FRA 10988
Weare,David ZAF 10675
Nicol,Yadin AUS 10500
Courtney,Drew AUS 10475
Lipke,Marlon DEU 10375
Henrique,Pedro BRA 10263
Bettero,Hizunome BRA 10000
Khodr,Jihad BRA 9888
Pires,Tiago PRT 9663
Paulino,Pablo BRA 9600
MacDonald,Phillip AUS 9450
Emslie,Greg ZAF 9375
Sedley,Leigh AUS 9375
Gossmann,Shaun AUS 9363
Garcia,Sunny HAW 9350
Monteiro,Raoni BRA 9275