Mack-truck sized Puerto pits. Giant-killing 14-year olds. Curren-approved cutbacks. These aren't the images that used to come to mind when we think of women's surfing. But the times they are a changing. For years now, thanks to marketing "geniuses," we've been subjected to the women's surf boom in the form of skimpy boardshorts at San-O and longboard bikini sessions in Waikiki. Cute and sexy. Sporty but never scary. Until now.

With the addition of Women's surfing to the bill for this summers X-Games 13, women surfers will be catapulted into the big leagues, right up there with women's snowboarding and skating. Saddling right up next to Women's snowboarding which has lately been the biggest (and most core) women's industry in the world of action sports, playing king of the mountain for some time. This summer, they'll find a new competitor fired up and about to drop into the land of extreme.

Don't think the girls can handle it? Check out the very candid interview on the matter of Women's Surfing "Girls School" [SURFING March 07] and hear for yourself just how fired up the girls are to prove themselves. And check out the girls attacking 8-foot Puerto with the confidence of the guys. Or catch a few clips of Steph Gilmore's forehand cutback. You'll quickly be a believer, too.

"I am really excited that finally the world of action sports acknowledges the existence of women's professional surfing," explained the 7-times World Champ, Layne Beachley on the X-Games opportunity "and I think it is going to be a great environment for our sport to be exposed to."

Layne has long been an active advocate for changing the image and progression of Women's Surfing. This is no doubt a giant leap for the sport and at a well-deserved time. And if you're still not convinced, then come down to Lowers this June and watch Carissa Moore surf better than the majority of the boys (seriously). And then tune into the X Games in August and watch the girls attack the Mexican Pipeline right there with the boys. Just remember: we warned you. It's the summer of the charging chicks. Start believin'.