With the 2008 Surfboard issue looming just offshore, we thought we'd provide a glimpse into the world of a surfboard artist and what keeps him inspired

If you had to pick one shaper who epitomizes the "art" of shaping, it would be hard not to put Xanadu's name at the top of the list. Based out of La Jolla, but a natural born wanderer, Xanadu's been making surfboards for the world's best surfers for over 30 years. Here, we caught up with Xanadu to find out 5 things that make him tick and keep him inspired.

1. Album:

For shaping and personally I would have to say Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It came out when I was 15 and I had just started hand shaping. Now, when I listen it brings back old memories from my days learning to shape.

2. Food:

It's hard because each country I spend time in I have a favorite. Like at home in California I love American breakfast food like bagels and cream cheese. And I love Mexican food, too. When I'm in Portugal I love to eat the codfish and in Japan it's sukiyaki, which is soup they throw veggies, noodles and meat on top of.

3. Drink:

After a long day of shaping I like to relax with a glass of red wine.

4. Book:

The writings of Gandhi. I really like the way he views life and it definitely changed the way I look at my own life after I read his work.

5. Movies:

I really like the movie Baraka. Nobody seems to know about it but it's its about life around the world and it's really amazing. It was filmed in 24 countries and contains no dialogue. Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now would be at the top, too but it's hard to pick just a few. I like a lot of movies.

**Look for Surfing Magazine's 2008 Surfboard issue on newsstands November 20th featuring Shaper of the Year, The First Annual Surfer/Shaper Trip and a glimpse into the secret Channel Islands/Burton Factory in Vermont.**