USA Beats The World In X-Games 13 At Puerto Escondido

Chris Ward en route to a perfect 10
After using the East vs. West format for years, the X-Games shifted focus this year to a USA vs. the World format. Teams of 6 surfers from the United States and the rest of the world took to the lineup at Puerto Escondido this morning to battle it out in The Game format.With perfect offshore conditions, the event kicked off with the World team having an outstanding first period score of 27. Their obvious enthusiasm for their score was short-lived as the US squad delivered with three scores in the 8 point range from Rob Machado, Shane Beschen and Chris Ward for a first period score of 32.From there, things didn’t get any easier for the World team. You see, coming back from a big defecit is rather tough, and with the USA teams 35 point score in the 2nd period, it was going to take some pretty impressive scores to mount a comeback.But comeback is exactly what the World team did. When the US team fizzled in the 3rd and final period, the World team stepped it up. Jay Quinn and Mick Campbell surfed their brains out for scores in the 9-point range, but came up just short. The final score: US – 81.75, World – 81
Team USA:

Shane Beschen
Rob Machado
Clay Marzo
Chris Ward
Baron Knowlton (bench)
Peter Mendia (bench)
Coaches: Matt Kechele, Mike ParsonsTeam World:

Mick Campbell
David Rutherford
Jay QuinnJulian Wilson
Rizal Tanjung (bench)
Mar Ohno (bench)
1st Period
USA: 32, World: 27

2nd Period
USA: 35, World: 24.5

3rd Period
USA: 14.75, World: 29.5

USA: 81.75, World: 81

The view of the lineup