You, Tubed

Let's face it: Santa jacked us this year in California. Its now January and we've yet to see a solid head high wave we'd need booties to ride. And coupled with the incessant goings-on that come with the holidays and the dip in water temps, it's pretty safe to say we're not exactly feeling surf-stoked at the moment. So, in an effort to get you psyched, we've assembled five surf clips that will get you so jacked up to surf you'll have no problem slipping into that frozen steamer for the dawn patrol when the North Pacific finally does wake up.

1. 1986 Rip Curl Bells Beach Classic: Tom Curren vs. Occy
If this clip doesn't give you a bulge in the wettie for surfin', then it's time to hang up your booties my friends. Check Curren's cuttie at 3:06. It's why most of us surf.

2. Ozzie Wright Going Berserk in Doped Youth
If you're the kind of kid who takes scissors to his own hair, skateboards through the gutter and ends every wave with a kickflip or shove-it attempt, this clip of Ozzie Wright from Volcom's video Doped Youth should be just enough to inspire you to ditch computer class today to go get loose at your local reef break.

3. Fishing at Waimea with Andy Irons and Cory Lopez
This session alone is enough to drag anyone from their lazy chair and out for a surf. Don't worry about the conditions, the size, the wind, or your equipment. Just go surfing. Here's your muse.

4. Occy.
If you put your right foot forward, there's no one who epitomizes style and power for you like the Oc. And while being a goofyfoot still does in fact lower your Core Score, it's easy to see where Occy makes up for his dip in points: by being the most radical dude of all time. This clip will make you want to die and come back as Occy.

5. Kelly Slater in Black and White
For most of us, this was our first introduction to the nine times world champ. It was him, a bowl of cereal and the interview so intimate you could hear the milk dripping from his spoon. Pretty amazing how much he's accomplished since this. Still not sure if he likes typing though.

**BONUS: Fortunately for us mortals, we'll always have this against Kelly, no matter how many titles he wins.