Watch This: 2013 NSSA Nationals, July 2 and 3

A contendor if we've ever seen one. Griffin Colapinto. Photo: Taras
A contendor if we’ve ever seen one. Griffin Colapinto. Photo: Taras

You poor, broken soul. You had a world of entertainment at your fingertips during the Oakley Pro Bali, but nothing gold can stay. Parko won, you watched and now you're going through webcast withdrawal. The world is a dark place without Ronnie Blakey's voice guiding you through it. And now Teahupoo isn't until August. What on earth are you going to do with yourself?

We have your solution in the form of the NSSA Nationals broadcast. The best adolescent surfers from sea to shining sea will gather for an amateur event of unparalleled grandeur in Huntington Beach. The youth of this darling America will go blow for blow tail under that notorious concrete pier, and you can spectate right here on That's right, on the second and third days of July, your needy heart will be able to find a webcast right on this very site.

Thy good will be crowned on July 3rd. Chances are that your favorite American surfer is a previous Nationals champ (including that one with two first names), so you ought to plop down in an ergonomic chair and cherry-pick your next idol. And after that, maybe you should go surfing. It is summer.