2014 Billabong Pipeline Masters Day 2 (And Freesurf!)

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Losers lost at sea
Not, like, losers-in-life losers. Great people, the round 2 attendants. But they lost round 1, you know? Anyway, the waves were big and bad. Twenty-second intervals and howling trades made it tricky at best and impossible at worst. But the forecast is sketchy and so, in the 8- to 12-foot mess, ASP it was on.

The elusive 10
We're talking elusive 10-point heat totals, not single rides. The average heat total for the morning was a meager 8.7, with Kelly Slater bagging the high of 17 and Dion Atkinson finishing his heat against Julian Wilson with a two-wave total of 0.84. The only other person besides Kelly to break 10 points was Jadson Andre with the help of a 9.37 diamond in the rough.

Extra! Extra!
The last contest of the year always has some good news bits. Here are three…
Travis Logie limped to the water's edge for his heat against Ace Buchan, and it'd turn out to be his last of a long tenure on tour. Ace beat him, 3.47 to 1.3, and Travis Logie was chaired up the beach (by Mick Fanning and Aritz Aranburu) and into retirement. We wish him well in the next stage of his life, AKA the golf course.
Raoni Monteiro lost to Miguel Pupo and solidified his imperfect season. As Jimmicane said, he joins, "the 2008 Detroit Lions, 2008 Ricky Basnett, and 2014 Alana Blanchard in the winless season club."
Jordy Smith went right on a day that called for lefts and straighthanders, and he paid for it. He fell while looking for the doggy door on the slabby Backdoor end section and hurt his shoulder. Initial reports say he probably tore some ligaments, but when we last heard he was heading to Town to get an MRI. If it's minor, he's looking at six-weeks out of the water. If he needs surgery, we're talking months.

Contest is off…oh wait!
Sorry, no take-backs. At 1:50pm HST, as Third Reef sets washed through the lineup and Jamie O and friends surfed (and surfed well) on pink soft tops, they called the contest off for the day. Then the wind turned a bit. The sand shifted in a fortuitous direction. It got good. Really good. And kinda perfect. The crowd in the lineup swelled and put on a clinic, packing massive, throaty, picture-perfect Pipeline. The Interweb and the spectators started to curse ASP commissioner Kieren Perrow's name. He was probably surfing, though, and couldn't hear them.

They say that tomorrow…
You'd better believe it'll be on. The swell will still be big and scary but there's no way, after the heat they copped for the call today, that they won't run. And yes, by sunset tomorrow, we could have ourselves a new world champ.
—Taylor Paul