Carissa Moore Wins 2014 Drug Aware Pro

All Photos: Corey Wilson
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Hats off
No, seriously, take that hat off. The new ASP disallows competitors from wearing certain hats on the podium. If your brand doesn’t do any business with the association, then you best be fixing your hair up right because that hat of your’s is staying in the locker. We saw this today as Carissa Moore accepted the winner’s trophy, her head adorned with nothing but those gorgeous chestnut brown locks. Oh, and by the way, this is how she got there.

Tip your hat to a lady
There were four of them today: Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright and of course, Miss Moore. In the semifinals, Tyler sent Sally to Bells and Carissa returned a favor by defeating Steph — whom beat Carissa in the semis on the Gold Coast. How sweet of her. The final was set, and it felt a whole lot like 2013. After trading off wins last season, ‘Riss ended up getting the best of Tyler for the world title. Today, she got back to her old ways and beat Tyler once again. It was all thanks to a couple of combos for 15.73 zesty points. Something tells us this won’t be the last time we see those chestnut brown locks on the podium.

The mad hatters
And then there were the men. 24 of them, in Round 3. The biggest story of the day was a leash-grab incident starring Taj Burrow and Bede Durbridge. Taj held priority and needed a mid-range score in the dying seconds of the heat. Bede sat inside of him. Taj’s arm got caught in Bede’s leash as he paddled for a pretty good wave, and he was sent over the falls like a fat man discovering surfing during midlife crisis. The Burrow borough shouted foul! Instead of letting the situation thaw, the ASP chose to re-heat it. Then Bede won again. Also,

Jordy Smith: Jordy minced Adam Melling today with some mighty fine rail work. His heat was right when the wind starting clocking around, but we have yet to see him surf a heat in the full-on afternoon breeze (see: air wind). It’ll be interesting when he does, because we all know the big boy can swing an air with the best of ’em.
Gabriel Medina: Everybody should be terrified of this young man. Gabe can play any man’s game — be it airs, turns, tubes or even Uno. Today he played John John’s game of airs and turns and defeating JJF in the heat that everybody under 25 wishes were the final.
Yadin Nicol: It sucks that Yadin is off tour. Today, he proved why by landing a huge full rotation into the flats and haymaking the rest of the wave. That’s how you put the defending world champ, Mick Fanning, in a faraway place called comboland. Yades grew up around the corner from Margaret’s and is a legitimate threat to win this event.
Filipe Toledo: Filipe cemented his place as a must watch guy today. The werewolf landed a pair of airs and kissed Julian Wilson goodbye in the process. This little wolf gets more pop than anyone.

So, tomorrow…
The event will likely run and possibly even finish. Who’s your money on? —Brendan Buckley